3 Surprising Truths About Payday Loans

Banks and financial experts tend to be very skeptical about payday loans. The UK Guardian has also been printing a series of articles informing customers about the pros and cons of payday loans but most of their articles seem to have a negative spin to them. Irrespective of the articles, pay day loan companies are […]

Get Your Payday Loans: No Credit Check Required

Credit history records the loans that you have taken and how you have repaid them over a period of time. Independent credit reference agencies record your loan, repayment and banking history to make form your credit history. Most people have good or average credit as they pay their loans and utilities on time but sometimes, […]

The Difference Between a Bank Loan & Instant Payday Loans

This might probably be the most interesting question that needs to be answered. Why do people take instant payday loans when banks are available to lend money? After all, you might be having a steady job for the last six years, the bank staff knows you well as you’ve never had any overdraft and lending […]

Understanding Short Term Loans

Looking for a short term loan to cover your expenses? You aren’t the only one. The current economic condition is such that almost everyone needs more money. Food, shelter and basic medical needs have to be covered and for that you do need money. You can ask your boss for an advance on your salary, […]

Easy Approval Payday Loans Online

Payday loans are a great way to get a cash advance till your next salary comes in. The loan process is easy and quick and most lenders do seem to authorize cash payments in about an hour or so. This seems really easy to do but you are doubtful. Since you are applying for the […]